24 Nov

Why India's Coir Fiber Is The Best In The World

India is a land of diversity and multitudes of resources. This country has a lot to give whether in the cultural front, or economic sector, it disappoints none. One of the most prominent organic fibers these days are coir fiber derived from the coconut husks.

26 Nov

Benefits of Coco Peat

Well I didn't want to write the benefits of coir on this blog, because when you Google it you'll come across to hundreds of search results repeating the same features. But let's not ignore this column anyway. I am going to quickly sum up the benefits.

18 Oct

What Are the Benefits of Coconut Coir in the Garden?

>Coconut coir comes from the fibrous inner shell of the coconut. Previously thought of as a waste material, it is now frequently packaged and sold as a soil amendment to replace peat moss in the garden.